Team meeting and wanders through Crafts and Basic Human Economy Storehouse popularly called Szacki's Storehouse. During the meeting we discussed the parameters that are important to consider in the brief product, which will determine the direction of designers' research. Szacki's Storehouse contains several thousand objects, from which the designers will have to choose just a few for further work.

The aim of wanders through the Storehouse may not only bring the old folk crafts, but also make designers familiar with Peter Szacki's idea, according to which both creator and user influence on the final shape of the object. Peter Szacki explored the essence of folk crafts and promoted it in the form of authorial movies, exhibitions and texts. He could see an invisible bond between creator and his/her work (a craft product) and recipient-user, which ultimately gives a work new meanings (modifies, improves, changes it individually). In addition to Shacki's exhibitions, texts, videos, he embodied his view of craft in the creation of museum Craft and Basic Human Economy Storehouse.