Educational activities will refer to all elements of the project:
1. Educational path in the museum store (trips to the store), which let us know and understand the process of creating objects and methods of their use (children aged 6 +)
2. Paper board game that will bring old crafts (often forgotten activities as bell founding, pursemaking etc.) - Children aged 6 +
3. Workshop based on creating objects with craftsmen' assistance (for youth - classes 4-6 of primary school and high school) and for residents of Warsaw (different groups of recipients).

1. The elaboration and carrying out interesting museum lessons in Szacki's storehouse (not available everyday for visitors).
2. Meeting of young participants (high school students) with seniors (craftsmen running DIY workshops).
3. The increase in knowledge about ancient crafts and endangered professions.
4. An increased awareness of young workshop participants that a usuable object is designed because of a recipient`s need, design idea and often manual (crafted) work.
5. Workshop for adult recipients including dysfunctional people and seniors.

Let's have a look at how we play a board game in the classroom

Educational activities under the "Release project" co-financed by Warsaw City and was organized by the Association "Seated in Warsaw" in cooperation with the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

Here's how it was on a family workshop with DIY and design